SDCC: Monkey and rooster advertise Katamari Forever

If there is one thing that can be said about the Katamari games it is that they are relentlessly normal. They’re fantastically amazing games that make total sense and are not strange in any way. Even the advertising for the games is some of the most normal advertising we’ve ever seen. I mean, the monkey-and-rooster-hand-puppet ad is so normal it’s practically a cliche by this point and that’s what they went with for the newest trailer for Katamari Forever. They don’t even try to break the mold and have the monkey and rooster talk about the actual game, instead going the normal route and having them discuss food.

No there is absolutely nothing at all strange about the below trailer, and if you’ve read our preview on the game you know that the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive is possibly the most normal of all the Katamari games. It’s HD. It doesn’t get much more normal than that. 

OK, I’m having problems stretching this joke any further, just hit the jump and watch the trailer already.

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