Scraps: Crap we missed on 6/17/08

Last night, on the recommendation of BlindsideDork, my wife and I watched the Spanish-language horror film [Rec]. At one point, a child uses her teeth to rip off a chunk of her mother’s face. And my wife wants to have a baby. Clearly, she’s demented.

So I was thinking about that — the face ripper child — pretty much all day long, which is why we missed this reporting this crap today:

  • EA’s The Sims Label launches games destination site, The Sims Carnival. I love cotton candy, and I didn’t see any on the site. Fail. [The Sims Carnival — Thanks, Brad Nicholson.]
  • Voice of Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher, Michael Ironside, is rumored to have been dumped from the forthcoming sequel due to his big head. [Sarcastic Gamer]
  • Electronic Arts talking about The Godfather II, says you can play it like an RTS or GTA-style. I’ll wait for a GTA-style Starcraft, thanks. [Next Generation — Thanks, Coonskin05.]
  • XBLA title Marathon: Durandal getting map pack this Friday, but I’m still waiting for new levels and crocodile skins for the original Frogger. WTF? [360sync]
  • Floor pounders unite! Konami launches online DanceDanceRevolution community portal. []
  • Rumor: Ninja Theory cans Heavenly Sword 2. [Kotaku]
  • Wait, wait … Ninja Theory didn’t can Heavenly Sword 2. It was never planned. Oops. [PS Universe]
  • Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg crawled into bed with Penthouse Pets at GDC 2008 … which explains why he seemed bored with me and smelled like a pole dancer when I interviewed him. [Complex]
  • So did Epic’s Cliff Bleszinskikowzinowskianishawowitz. Harlot. [Complex]
  • Warren Spector is sooooo done with all of these long-assed games. [Gamasutra]

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Nick Chester