Scrabble DS teaches children to swear, Daily Fail is there to spread the OUTRAGE

The Daily Mail is at again. Without any real videogame controversy in the British news lately, the tabloids are once again having to make their own up. This time, it’s Scrabble for the DS, teaching children awful, awful words that will destroy Great Britain.

According to The Fail, Tanya Carrington gave her eight-year-old son Ethan a copy of the game to improve his vocabulary. The game certainly made some improvements, teaching him the word “tits” and “f*ckers.” The former was defined as a garden bird, “but also a slang word for female breasts.” The latter word was defined as “a slang word for chavs.”

This isn’t the first time that Scrabble DS has come under fire. Ubisoft once apologized for the word “lesbo” appearing, which got the press all huffy once before. However, considering all these words are found within the official Scrabble dictionary, it’s not really the videogame’s fault for regurgitating them. Never mind the fact that a wide variety of books contain swearing, and there are no age restrictions on those at all. I don’t see the tabloids reporting on that

To be fair though, Ubisoft should probably have made the “junior” option of the game the default version, since something like this was bound to happen. 

That’s all funny, but the comments section of the Fail‘s Web site is where the true comedy gold lies. As collected on NG, hit the jump for a few British opinions on this “controversy.”

Here’s what one concerned Londoner has to say about this story:

It is disgrace. This country is based on Christian principles and through these principles this country became prosperous. Why this country started hating itself? Who these modern politicians want to please by fighting Christianity? What is the ultimate aim of multiculturalism? We’ve had enough of this “modern” liberal nonsense.

Nothing like a threatened Christian with an air of racism about him, right? Quite what this has to do with Scrabble, I do not know, but either way. this is a fine example of the kind of person who reads The Daily Mail. That paper must be very proud.

Have another:

Its utterly outrageous that these games are allowed to be sold without any censorship or warning. This is a repeat of what happened to my son years ago, also through the same outlet – who sold Nintendo games meant for 18 year old plus to my son, then only 8 too.

Yes, a mother who lets an EIGHT-year-old go into a videogame store and make purchases! Then she bitches about how she had no warning or no censorship to protect her kid. Oh the horror! Maybe YOU should protect your kid, you dumb broad!

I love my old country so much.

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