Sci-fi inspired Luna Blaster Neo coming to Splatoon 2 today

chu, chu, chu?

Friday has snuck up on us once again, so it’s time for a new weapon to hit Nintendo’s online shooter Splatoon 2. This week we’re going a little space-age, which the return of the retro-chic Luna Blaster Neo.

The Luna Blaster, which is reminiscent of something that would be wielded by Space Channel 5’s Ulala, is ideally equipped purely for close encounters. Although it has terrible range, the Luna Blaster makes face-to-dace combat a breeze, splatting a hapless opponent in one or two point-blank hits, with a fairly generous spread.

The Luna Blaster Neo comes equipped with an Ink Mine sub and Suction Bomb special. As always, it is expected to go live in North America this evening, with Europe and Japan to follow early tomorrow. Now get out there and make a mess, squid-kids!

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