Scene It? Box Office Smash ‘Award Winners’ DLC dated for Feb. 13, get ready

Scene It? Box Office Smash downloadable content is on the way. Microsoft has announced the Award Winners pack that will feature over 300 questions pertaining to award winning films. It will also contain a new mode called Pop Quiz that offers 600 true and false-style questions.

The DLC will be available on February 13 for 560 Microsoft Points. I don’t remember anything costing that amount of space bucks before, however the big “M” is known for its trendsetting. It’s a quality that the corporation and I share. Back in the day, I made wore JNCO’s and played with POGs. Look how popular they are now. This 560 Points thing is going to catch on just the same.

Press release is included after the break but beware: reading it may cause blindness, stroke or an irrational thirst for Kool-Aid.

“Scene It? Box Office Smash” Celebrates Hollywood with “Award Winners” Game Add-On Pack

Awards season brings out the most passion in movie fans, as suddenly everyone’s an expert and no silver screen performance goes unnoticed. And there’s no better time than during award season for movie trivia games like Xbox 360’s “Scene It? Box Office Smash.” It’s a great way to spend an evening with friends and family members this time of year and the perfect ice breaker for those hosting awards parties.

As fans eagerly predict if their favorite actors and film makers take home top honors, Xbox invites everyone to take part in the excitement with the debut of a new awards themed Game add on pack, that will provide hours of entertainment as you test your knowledge of award winning films as well as the actresses and actors who’ve been recognized for their performances. The “Award Winners” game add on pack for “Scene It? Box Office Smash,” will be available for download from Xbox LIVE on Feb. 13 for 560 MS Points.

This game add on pack features more than 300 new questions about award winning films ranging from masterpieces such as Peter Ustinov’s Oscar-winning performance in 1960 classic “Spartacus,” to Forrest Whitakers amazing performance in 2007 BAFTA-winner for Best British Film “The Last King of Scotland” and thrillers such as 1992 Best Picture winner at the Oscars “Silence of the Lambs.” With nearly 2 dozen award-winning films spanning a variety movie genres, friends and family will have a blast reliving some of their favorite and most memorable moments from the silver screen. Additionally, this pack includes a brand new bonus-round puzzle type dubbed “Pop Quiz,” offering more than 600 new true or false style questions to keep the action going all night long.

“Scene It? Box Office Smash” is rated T for Teen and is available exclusively on the Xbox 360 entertainment system. Screen shots and assets are available upon request. To learn more, please visit

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