Save Room - Organization Puzzle inventory game like Resident Evil 4

Save Room is a whole game’s worth of RE4-style inventory management

Resident Evil 4 fans can hit the ground running

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Save Room isn’t affiliated with Capcom, but its creator, Fractal Projects, was clearly big into Resident Evil 4 — this soon-to-be-released Steam game has made a puzzle out of squeezing a bunch of items into a tight inventory. Literally, that’s it. That’s the game.

To make the most of the case’s limited space, players will need to combine familiar items — herbs, ammo, grenades, guns, and the like — and rotate them as needed to efficiently slot everything into its proper home. You know the drill if you’ve ever touched RE4.

Naturally, a shotgun has a different footprint than a submachine gun. And there are even fish and eggs, in case there were any lingering doubts about Save Room‘s inspiration. According to the Steam listing, there are “40 unique handmade levels.” The page has a trailer, too, in case you want to preview the titular chilled-out “save room” music.

It’s a winning idea that doesn’t seem particularly high-effort, but based on this creator’s prior games, I’m hoping the price is right — as in, pretty cheap. Save Room looks satisfying enough as someone who always took the time to get their RE4 inventory looking all neat and tidy, although as a focused-down standalone game, I’m sure it’ll be fleeting.

We often see some real weirrrd stuff pop up on Steam, and even though that results in a lot of junk hitting the storefront, in cases like this, I don’t mind at all. It’s a funny find.

Ahh, that’s the good stuff. I hope the final level looks like this:

eggceptional inventory
byu/bruhmaster007 inresidentevil

Save Room – Organization Puzzle is scheduled for a PC release on April 28, 2022.

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