Savage Moon coming to PlayStation Network ‘soon,’ Europe got something first

FluffyLogic’s Savage Moon is still coming to PlayStation Network. An update on the PlayStation blog indicated that the downloadable title would be released  “soon.”

Savage Moon is a sci-fi tower defense game that tasks players with defending an alien mining facility from large bugs. Its visuals make you think Starship Troopers, but the game should lack all the boring stuff (plot, acting) that came with the movie.  Still, there’s a tiny part of me that wants Michael Ironside in the game. Fluffy needs to make that happen.

The game was released on Europe PSN in late December. The response has been fair, but we worry that the European press might underestimate the wickedness of mutant bugs. Americans have an insatiable desire for shooting large mutant things with multiple legs.

Brad BradNicholson