Samurai Shodown unveils its mystery stars, launches in Japan June 27

Well, she’s Chinese, so I got that right

SNK has given us a good look at the three all-new characters headed to their upcoming fighter Samurai Shodown. Not only can we check out the in-game model for the previously revealed Darli Dagger, but we have two further warriors to stoke our hype fires.

The second character from yesterday’s silhouette is Yashamaru Kurama, a young samurai who has already fallen from grace. Driven by vengeance following the wrongful execution of his father, Yashamaru stalks the shadows, depriving the rich of their worldly goods and his enemies of their lives. Angry, angry young man.

The third silhouette belongs to Wu-Ruixiang, a young woman of the Qing dynasty who travels with the emperor, protecting generations of “Long Mai” or “Dragon’s Vein”. Although a clumsy and somewhat reclusive character, she can call forth on divine beasts and even a dragon in battle. So, I got her nationality right, but it appears she isn’t a waitress who wields a deadly tea-tray… My idea might still be better though.

Of course we also get to see Darli Dagger, sailor of seas and depriver of heads. Darli is my personal favourite of the new stars, and will definitely be my go-to character when Samurai Shodown launches. What a roster! It’s quite small by modern standards, with only 16 fighters, but it’s filled with interesting warriors, old and new. You can check out the guys ‘n’ gals in the trailer below.

Samurai Shodown launches in Japan on June 27 for PS4 and Xbox One. PC and Nintendo Switch ports will follow this Winter. An arcade release is also in the works, scheduled for a Summer launch.

Chris Moyse
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