Samurai Shodown unleashes fearsome warrior Tam Tam

From out of the Green Hell

While most of SNK’s recent character trailers have depicted the more stoic and subtle fighters on Samurai Shodown’s roster, this week’s preview takes a walk on the wild side, with the return of the ferocious, mask-wearing Tam Tam.

Hailing from a village worryingly known as Green Hell, Tam Tam made his first appearance in the original Samurai Shodown, although he would sit out the franchise for its sequels, eventually returning in Samurai Shodown IV. Tam Tam is a young fighter revered in his hometown for his strength and his frenzied, almost primal fighting style.

Not only is Tam Tam armed with a huge, razor-sharp machete, but the wildman has also mastered the art of spitting fire, and can ignite his foes with waves of flame as both an offensive and defensive maneuver. Despite his chaotic stance and form, Tam Tam is a formidable opponent.

Samurai Shodown launches on June 25 for PS4 and Xbox One. PC and Nintendo Switch ports will follow this Winter.

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