Saints Row reboot shows off its trademark customization mode

saints row customization trailer

Dressed for Excess

Once you get past the dildo bats, space rockets, and tiger Cadillacs, one thing that the Saints Row franchise is renown for is its wild wardrobe of ker-azy customization. While Volition’s 2022 Saints Row reboot will be tethering its action a little closer to reality, it is no less in love with funky fashion.

Publisher Deep Silver hosted a full 23-minute showcase of the new title’s dress-up mode, which will allow the player to style out “The Boss” in whatever clothing they see fit. While the hip young cast of the next entry look, frankly, obnoxious as all fuck, we will at least be able to break the smothering Hot Topic aesthetic by kitting out our own hero with the worst, most clownish fashions this side of 1992.

The Boss can be fine-tuned from the ground up, with full customization opportunities for body type, skin tone, hair, facial details, muscular cuttage, and even their voice. Make The Boss as perfectly toned as Bruce Lee, or as chubby as yer boy Moyse. You can give them a nose as cute as Emma Stone’s, or as bulbous as… yer boy Moyse… Fucking ‘ell. Anyway, once you have created your perfect person, then you can go all out on clothing, footwear, hats, masks, makeup, jewelry, accessories, and much, much more.

But it’s not only about the shoes you wear. Saints Row will also feature deep customization of the player’s vehicles and weapons, offering a massive range of decals, colors, patterns, and special effects. From baseball bats to rocket launchers, mopeds to muscle cars, each and every item can be meticulously designed with near-endless precision to not only feature your gang’s particular “brand,” but even to perform to your liking, from turning circles and horsepower, to explosive effects and ammo types.

And, as your crew continues to conquer the American Midwest, even your cathedral-based hideout will receive a full makeover, with renovations, decorations, statues, slick lighting, and all manner of exterior bling designed to make it known to your rivals, your city, and the entire world that The Saints are, most definitely, back in business.

Saints Row launches August 23 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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