Ryu and Akuma battle it out in Street Fighter IV’s anime intros

[As originally posted on Japanator]

While at CAPTIVATE 08, Nick Chester got to see a little preview of Street Fighter IV‘s anime sequences. Each character in the game will be receiving anime-style prologues and endings to accompany the in-game cutscenes. He posted some screenshots, but now we have the full video of Ryu’s prologue.  

The video starts off with a seemingly beaten Ryu being confronted by Akuma. Akuma looks to be trying to drive out the essence of Evil Ryu, which just makes Ryu remember his master, who fell at the hands of Akuma. This memory reignites Ryu and gets him back up to take on Akuma. Ryu is about to throw a giant Hadouken into Akuma’s face when an old friend steps into the fight.  

Overall, pretty impressive. The animation looks great and it looks like a lot of work is going to be put into all of these movies. Granted, anything is better than the simplistic endings from the previous games.   

Hamza Aziz