Rumortoid: Hideo Kojima may make an announcement at or around GDC

I guess it’s just me, but I always expect that the big speakers at the Game Developers Conference are going to announce something. It keeps happening. And seeing as how next month is Hideo Kojima’s debut at GDC, I kind of expect him to have something up his sleeves.

The folks at VG247 say that they have heard from Konami that Kojima is set to reveal something at the event.

“With regard to Mr Kojima, we have to keep things tight-lipped for now,” said a rep when quizzed on the speech’s content.

“We will be making some announcements closer to GDC, so stay tuned.”

Damn it. Even though this qualifies as a mere rumor, I know that this will make it even harder to find a good seat. Or Wi-Fi.

Anyone care to guess what Kojima may announce at GDC? And don’t say Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360. 

Dale North