Rumortoid: Braid to cost 1200 MS points, Castle Crashers costs 1800!?

Here’s a rather ugly rumor for you all to chew on this morning. Perhaps knowing that Braid and Castle Crashers are two of Xbox Live Arcade’s most highly anticipated titles, it’s rumored that the powers-that-be are being shrewd and bloodthirsty enough to charge 1200 MS points for Braid, and an unsettling 1800 points for Castle Crashers.

Four Japanese sources (including Famitsu and’s official Japanese blog) are stating that these two games will be more expensive than the average XBLA games. This is a rumortoid until we get an English announcement though. If it turns out to be true, you can color me a particularly brown shade of disgusted. 

At 1800 points, Castle Crashers would be Xbox Live Arcade’s most expensive title, costing even more than Penny Arcade Adventures. Something tells me we shouldn’t have let Microsoft know that it was the first XBLA title that we all really, really wanted. Still, I’ll wait until the English announcement before I scream “F*CK YOU MICRO$OFT AND I SPELL THE “S” IN YOUR NAME WITH A DOLLAR SIGN” from the highest rooftop.

Jim Sterling