Rumors of Vita RAM downgrade were silly lies

Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita is impressive, powerful gaming technology, there’s little doubt about that. But rumors had suggested that the console’s specs, particularly in the RAM department, had been gimped to meet a low price point. Fortunately, those rumors were wrong.

Sony has confirmed (via 1UP) that the handheld will ship with 512MB of RAM, alongside 128MB of dedicated VRAM. What that means is the system hasn’t been compromised to meet the shockingly low $249.99 price point. Everyone cheer!

The PSV is scheduled for a Japanese release later this year. North American and European release dates have yet to be confirmed (come on, Sony!), but we expect to see it in early 2012. Any impatient Dtoiders planning on importing one? 

Vita’s RAM Wasn’t Downgraded to Reach $249.99 Price [1UP]

Nick Chester