Rumor that Microsoft is buying Silent Hills for billions is ridiculous

Push the truck and get a Mew!

[Update: Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that this rumor isn’t true. My history of being right at all times about all things continues.]

There is a rumor getting posted on basically every gaming website saying Microsoft is buying Silent Hills from Konami for billions of dollars, and it sounds like complete bullshit.

An anonymous source has told Rooster Teeth’s The Know that Microsoft is hoping to have the game as an Xbox One exclusive. They also state the game is 80 percent complete and would release in March of next year.

Microsoft bought Mojang and Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars, a series that has sold 14 million copies just on consoles, and who knows how many millions on mobile and PC. In comparison the Silent Hill series has only sold a measly 8.65 million copiesMinecraft has tons of merchandise that basically prints money for Microsoft, so it makes sense to shell out that kind of money for it, but it certainly doesn’t make sense for Silent Hill. Plus the rumor is just for Silent Hills, not necessarily the whole IP. Microsoft would have to be off its rocker crazy to drop that kind of change on the series, let alone one game. 

I’d love to eat my words on this one, but I’m certain Silent Hills is staying dead.

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