RUMOR: Sega Saturn on Virtual Console?

As always, read the headline. RUMOR. RUMOR. RUMOR. OK, now for all you Europeans: RUMOUR. RUMOUR. RUMOUR.

Righto. Now that we’ve driled that into all our heads, let’s see what Rumor Reporter has for us this week:

The rumor comes from fellow reader Fei34 who claims that a fellow DigiPen employee told him that Sega Saturn games would indeed be making an appearance on the Wii. Although this could still be wells away from becoming true, the fact that DigiPen, a highly respected video-game school in Redmond Washington, has this sort of knowledge is pretty intriguing. Especially by the fact that both Nintendo of America’s offices and DigiPen’s campus actually interconnects by a simple hallway. Could Fei34’s DigiPen source have even closer access to NOA’s employees in which he/she may have gotten the information? 

The only thing that Fei34 left me was a confirmation that a “big game was coming.” Whether that’s a Sega Saturn game (like Panzer Dragoon Saga) or not, only time will tell. So don’t dismiss Nintendo’s systems on the Virtual Console as being cemented just yet.

Sega Saturn on the Virtual Console? That sounds waaaay too good to be true, and judging by the source, it probably is. Once again, this is a RUMOR, but in the event that it isn’t, this is probably the smartest move Nintendo has made in YEARS. Virtual-On on the Virtual Console … hell yeah!

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