Rumor: Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero World Tour street dates revealed

Yesterday, Kotaku reported on some leaked release dates for all upcoming versions of Rock Band 2. We did a little legwork this morning (i.e. walked into a GameStop and asked for a release list) and were able to find even more details on the alleged release dates.

GameStop is currently listing that Rock Band 2 (disc only) for the Xbox 360 is street dated for September 14. The special edition bundle (presumably containing the new guitar and new drum kit) has a street date of October 19, which is the same day the standalone disc and bundle is street dated for the PlayStation 3.

Bad news for Wii and PlayStation 2 owners, though, as they’ll have to wait for November 18 for both the bundle and the standalone disc. One could speculate that this hand-in-hand release for both consoles means that Wii owners may once again be getting a quick, sloppy port of the likely stripped down PS2 title.

It also looks like Rock Band‘s retail rival, Guitar Hero World Tour, has a street date — October 26 across all consoles. More after the break.

It should be noted that these release dates haven’t been confirmed by publishers, and that retail release lists have been known to contain speculative information. However, it’s our experience that retailers don’t normally fabricate street dates, and there was likely some communication from the publishers to GameStop’s buyers to arrive at such dates.

Below is our detailed break down of the possible street dates; check out the “confirmation” images in our gallery.

GameStop’s Rock Band 2 street dates by platform

Xbox 360
Disc only: September 14
Special edition bundle: October 19

PlayStation 3
Disc only: October 19
Special edition bundle: October 19

Disc only: November 18
Special edition bundle: November 18

PlayStation 2
Disc only: November 18
Special edition bundle: November 18

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