Rumor: Rare working on Natal-based fitness title

Delivered as an obnoxious dialog (still love you, Patrick Garratt!), VG247 is reporting word that sources are pointing to Rare working a fitness title that will utilize Project Natal.

Unfortunately, that’s about all of the info VG247 has, other than speculation that the title would be revealed at E3. Also, something about the beach and cigarettes. So these are the a-holes who are dumping butts all over the sands of UK beaches…

Back on topic, a fitness title that utilized Project Natal (which is slated to launch this fall) seems like a no-brainer, especially considering the success of Nintendo’s own Wii Fit. While we all wish Rare would get back to doing what it does best (which you know to be making Killer Instinct games), this rumor isn’t that far-fetched. The last “original” thing Rare did for Microsoft were the Xbox 360 Avatars… why not follow it up with a fitness title?

Rumour: Rare working on Natal fitness game [VG247]

Nick Chester