Rumor: New Xbox 360 Ultimate to have 1080p HDMI, IPTV, HD-DVD, cure for cancer

Not satisfied with your Premium, Elite, Arcade, or Core Xbox 360 systems? What say you about the luxurious Xbox 360 Ultimate? is reporting (as fact, as if they know something we don’t) that Microsoft is set to launch a new Xbox 360 SKU come Fall 2008.

Dubbed the Xbox 360 Ultimate, the new unit will contain everything but the cure for cancer (sorry if we got your hopes up). The Web arm of the UK tech magazine is reporting that the new unit will feature 1080p HDMI output, built in Wi-Fi, hi-def audio ouput, cooler hardware, an extremely quiet fan, and a built in HD-DVD drive. You know, everything you wanted from the system when it launched two years ago. 

Right now, we’re regarding this as a rumor. But with CES right around the corner, we’re likely to hear more on such a beast shortly. What are you guys doing on Sunday?

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