Rumor: Hidden data reveals new Splatoon stages, modes, and weapons

Ryu not confirmed (yet)

It’s seems that Nintendo may have once again let some of their future plans slip out through the magic of hidden data. Some hard working hackers have found content in Splatoon’s code that reveals two yet unreleased stages (Camp and Skyscraper) as well as 33 yet unreleased weapons. They also found data that shows us more of the previously announced Tower Defense and Rain Maker modes. Tower Defense appears to be a mode where teams work to keep one small structure painted with their color, while Rain Maker looks to involve something that looks like the Zap Fish stage ending targets from the game’s single player campaign. That’s all just speculation though. 

Perhaps the most curious content found hidden away here are two files called “wiimario_title_logo”. Many fans are hoping these files will be a part of some kind of Splatoon and Mario crossover, though it could just as well be junk data that will never be used for anything. And of course, this whole thing could be just another elaborate fake. We should know for sure no later than August, when Splatoon‘s big update is planned for release. 

Here’s a list of the rumored weapons. I’m particularly curious about the Gatling Hyper and the Bamboozler. 

1. Sploosh-o-matic - Squid Beakons & Killer Wail
2. Neo Sploosh-o-matic - Point Sensor & Kraken
3. Neo Splash-o-matic - Burst Bombs & Inkzooka
4. N-ZAP '89 - Sprinkler & Inkstrikes
5. Custom Dual Squelcher - Squid Beakon & Killer Wail
6. Luna Blaster - Ink Mines & Inkzooka
7. Luna Blaster Neo - Splat Bombs & Bomb Rush
8. Range Blaster - Splash Wall & Inkstrike
9. Custom Range Blaster - Splat Bombs & Kraken
10. Rapid Blaster Pro - Seekers & Inkzooka
11. Rapid Blaster Pro Deco - Disruptors & Killer Wail
12. L-3 Nozzlenose D - Burst Bombs & Kraken
13. H-3 Nozzlenose - Suction Bombs & Echolocator
14. H-3 Nozzlenose D - Point Sensor & Inkzooka
15. Carbon Roller - Burst Bombs & Inkzooka
16. Carbon Roller Deco - Seekers & Bomb Rush
17. Inkbrush Nouveau - Ink Mines & Bubbler
18. Octobrush - Squid Beakons & Kraken
19. Octobrush Nouveau - Splat Bombs & Inkzooka
20. Bloblobber
21. T_BigBall_Strong01
22. Triple Bloblobber
23. T_BigBall_Diffusion01
24. Bomlobber
25. T_BigBall_Launcher01
26. E-liter 3K Scope
27. Custom E-liter 3K Scope
28. Bamboozler 14 Mk I
29. Bamboozler 14 Mk II
30. T_Gatling_Standard00
31. T_Gatling_Standard01
32. T_Gatling_Hyper00
33. T_Gatling_Hyper01


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