Rumor: DreamWorks might bring us the Halo film

With the continued success of the Halo series, you’d think there would be more motivation to finally get the franchise onto the big screen. Recently, there have been rumblings that maybe, just maybe, the project can get out of the beginning circles of development hell.

According to unnamed “insiders,” DreamWorks Pictures is stepping up to take on the movie, Vulture reports. Rather than use the games as a base for the script, the line of novels is reportedly going to be the foundation for the project to avoid legal issues.

Vulture actually has a great recap of the film’s absurd history, which is worth a read in and of itself. So, yeah — by the time we get a Halo movie, if we ever do, are you still going to want it? Did you ever want it?

The New Halo Game Is a Hit — So What’s the Status of the Halo Movie [Vulture via 1UP]

Jordan Devore
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