Rumor: Blu-ray Profile 1.1 coming to PlayStation 3 before Christmas

Potentially great news for all you PlayStation 3 owners out there who are using the system as a Blu-ray player or plan to do so eventually: there’s a new rumor floating around the ‘nets saying that Profile 1.1 will be coming to the console via firmware as a Christmas present from Sony.

Seeing as how the PS3 is the only Profile 1.0 player that can be upgraded to Profile 1.1, all of the Blu-ray enthusiasts who opted for Sony’s latest console offering should be mighty happy right now.

Because HD DVD has always supported the features of Profile 1.1 (picture-in-picture, local storage, secondary audio), fanboys of the format aren’t going to take this news lightly. It’s been one of the primary arguments as to why HD DVD is superior to Blu-ray ever since the format war started. 

[Rumor via Engadget, image from Gizmodo. Thanks Debbey!]

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