Rumor: $199 will buy you a Rock Band, Xbox 360 will have wires

GameTrailers says that an anonymous Microsoft mole leaked that Rock Band will in fact cost $199 for the full bundle, which matches with earlier rumors. The same person also says that the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band will not feature wireless controllers.

GT cites Ars Technica’s insider information, which also tells us that the Wii and PS3 will include wireless guitar controllers, and that the full bundle (with guitar, microphone, and drums) will weigh 20 pounds.

Harmonix and EA have not confirmed this information, but Ars Technica has been on a roll lately, and this informant is reported to be the same one that broke the HDMI news

Assuming this rumor about corded vs. wireless is true, I could see most people with both the PS3 and Xbox 360 leaning towards the PS3 version of Rock Band. I know I would want wireless for the $200 price tag. 

[Via GameTrailers – thanks, CP] 



Dale North