Meet the 13 fightin’ freaks of The Rumble Fish 2 roster

rumble fish 2 character trailer 3goo

Who you got?

Publisher 3goo is currently gearing up for its rerelease of the cult 2D fighter The Rumble Fish 2 — Launching on PC and console platforms December 8, this release represents the 2005 scrapper’s first-ever home appearance on the global market, filling in a long-standing gap for fight fans everywhere.

In order to get newcomers on board with the DIMPS fighter’s weirdness, a new trailer spotlights the 13 characters that make up the roster — the titular “Rumble Fish (2)”, as it were. These range from your standard bad-boy martial arts experts such as Zen, Lud, and Aran, to bizarre outliers such as child fighter Mito, young scribe Typhon, boxing shark dude Bazoo, and Cheeseburger in paradise-looking MF’er Boyd. Of course, sexy secret agent Sheryl is in the mix as the requisite waifu bait.

Check out the whole gang in the video below. See if you can spot your mains.

Limited Run Games currently has pre-orders open for physical editions of The Rumble Fish 2 on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms. The fighter is available as a standard boxed edition for $34.99 USD, while a Collector’s Edition, retailing for $64.99, includes an art book, strategy guide, command cards, a CD soundtrack, three additional DLC characters, plus a digital download for the first Rumble Fish release. Currently, this Collector’s Edition is the only way to purchase the 2004 original.

The Rumble Fish 2 launches December 8 on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

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