Rosalina amiibo Canadian fate confirmed: she’s being redistributed to other retailers

Exclusive no more

Recently we learned that because of Target’s closures in Canada, the fate of the Rosalina amiibo was up in the air. Now we have solid confirmation of what’s happening with the character.

After days of silence, Nintendo has now confirmed that Rosalina will be redistributed to Best Buy, Future Shop, Wal-Mart, EB Games, Toys”R”Us, and In short, she will no longer be exclusive to one retailer in Canada. Pretty sweet! Keep checking occasionally, as she has been going in and out of stock today.

Now about that US Rosalina exclusivity… I’m just hoping she’s available in mass quantities when she’s expected to launch this Sunday. I’m still dreading the hypothetical announcement of Lucina’s Walmart deal — can you imagine the sheer amount of big box bungling with that theoretical situation?

Nintendo reveals Rosalina amiibo plans for Canada [Mario’s Hat]

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