Rockstar Social Club pre-registration starts April 17

Rockstar’s Web site for the forthcoming “Rockstar Social Club” has been updated to indicate that pre-registration will begin this Thursday, April 17.

The only social club I’ve ever wanted to be a part of was the Timex Social Club. The seven man 1980s rap group may have only had one hit single — 1986’s “Rumors” — but boy, was it a good one.

But this Rockstar Social Club to coincide with the release of Grand Theft Auto IV intrigues me. Online leaderboards (for single and multiplayer), a virtual police blotter, wine, cheese … what doesn’t this social club have? Well, the answer is a catchy single like “Rumors,” of course. But that’s not going to stop me from signing up later in the week … or from asking our readers to come up with a catchy pop single for the Rockstar Social Club. 

To be clear — no, this isn’t a contest. I just want to put you guys to work.

[Thanks, bam2003]

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