Rockstar reportedly shelves plans for Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV remasters

Red Dead Redemption

The response to the Trilogy sidelined some projects

It looks like Rockstar may be laying off the remasters for a bit. A new report says remasters of both Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto IV were in consideration, but now Rockstar is shelving the projects.

Word first broke from Rockstar leaker Tez, who claimed a reliable source said these remasters were “on the table a few years ago,” but Rockstar has chosen not to proceed with the projects in mind.

Today, Kotaku followed up with a report, saying they could confirm that Tez’s tweet is accurate to what they’ve been told.

The decision seems to be indicative of the poor response Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition received. Response at launch indicates it was a technical mess, with patches rolling out soon after to try and tune the project. Rockstar publicly apologized for the state of the Trilogy.

As both Tez and Kotaku indicate, it looks like the remaster trilogy put some ideas on hold. According to Kotaku’s sources, Rockstar is hoping people will forget about the remaster as it focuses its attention on Grand Theft Auto VI.

Kotaku does say that while the plan is to get the next GTA out the door, the future is open. Their sources say a possible Red Dead Redemption or GTA IV remaster aren’t “out of scope” and could happen after VI ships.

Taking some time

The possibility of a Red Dead Redemption remaster in particular is tantalizing. It’s also been rumored for a while now. A report from Kotaku last year revealing the Trilogy remaster also indicated RDR would be due up, if the re-releases did well.

It now looks like those plans will have to wait until after Grand Theft Auto VI is out, though.

Eric Van Allen