Rockstar pivots Red Dead Online to a standalone game that costs $5 at launch

Then it’s $20 after a couple months

I know what you’re thinking. “Frontiersman? In this economy?!?” You can make it happen with a single Abraham Lincoln — who was very tall, possibly a frontiersman, and definitely a pretty swell guy.

Rockstar is breaking Red Dead Online off from its conjoined twin Red Dead Redemption 2. Starting on December 1, Red Dead Online will be available as a standalone game that only costs $5. That’s just the introductory price, however. On February 16, it jumps to $20.

This isn’t some kneecapped beginner version of Red Dead Online either. It’s the full thing, and will include all future content updates. It’s coming to all platforms — PC, PS4, and Xbox One (and is also playable on new consoles through backward compatibility).

This seems like the strategy for Rockstar going forward. GTA Online is going standalone next year, with PlayStation 5 players getting first dibs on checking it out. After that, it appears to be coming to all platforms. Rockstar’s smart to let these games print money without a high introductory price scaring some people off.

Get Red Dead Online as a Standalone Game on December 1st [Rockstar]

Brett Makedonski
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