Rockin’ retro platformer Gravity Circuit launches today

Gravity Circuit

Super brawling robot

Strap on your robo-boots, Domesticated Ant Games has dropped their retro-inspired platformer, Gravity Circuit, today.

What’s Gravity Circuit? I’m just learning that right now, myself. Past me really dug it since I put it on my wishlist and forgot about it. I can totally see why! It looks like a missing link between the classic Mega Man series and Mega Man X.

You play as metal hero Kai, who is trying to stop the evil doings of the Virus Army. Gravity Circuit barely tries to hide its influences behind a fake mustache. There’s ride armor and upgrade chips. However, there seem to be more combat options, as hand-to-hand plays a big part. It claims to have action “dialed to the max.” Its trailer sure makes it look like that.

The graphics are done in a way that emulates the NES color palette. Obviously, a lot of the effects would be extremely difficult to pull off on the actual 8-bit hardware, but the aesthetic is there.

Mega Man X is my comfort food, and I feel there’s more room in the world for platformers that can nail that same pace and feel. I’m not sure Gravity Circuit can do that, but I’m willing to find out.

You can find out yourself on Switch, PS4, PS5, or PC. Gravity Circuit is available today.

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