Rocket League’s launching on Switch on November 14

OMG! Wow!

One of the most-anticipated multiplayer games for the Switch now has a release date. Rocket League will launch on Nintendo Switch on November 14.

Psyonix sent out a press release today announcing the release date and a price of $20. As confirmed earlier this year, the Switch version will have a handful of Nintendo-themed cars. All console platforms have gotten this treatment; PlayStation has Twisted Metal Sweet Tooth, and Xbox has Halo‘s Warthog (called the Hogsticker) and Gears of War-based Armadillo.

The particularly interesting facet of the Switch version is that it’s the only portable way to play Rocket League. That takes on something of a new importance whenever Psyonix is able to implement cross-platform parties. We only have to wait two weeks to find out what Rocket League on the go feels like.

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