Rock of the Dead gets free iDevice apps, new trailers

Rock of the Dead, Conspiracy Entertainment’s Typing of the Dead meets Guitar Hero game, hits shelves on October 5. You kill monsters with guitars, rocking out to classical music and (at least on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) Rob Zombie. Oh, and Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day will be providing voices. It sounds ridiculous, and I want it.

To promote the game’s upcoming release, a handful of Rock of the Dead apps will be released for Apple’s iStuffs. Rock of the Dead: Zombie Survival and Rock of the Dead: Whack-a-Zombie should be available soon, but the iPad-only Rock of the Dead: Zombie Pong is available now. Honestly, not one of the games looks all that great, but here’s the good part: they’re free, so why not?

Courtesy of the game’s publisher, here are some new trailers of the console game. They’re both ridiculous, and they’re free to watch, so why not? Keep reading to see the game in action.

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