Rock Band VR takes the stage in late March

Rock this way

The headliner, like any good rock star, is keeping the crowd waiting. Everyone presumed it’d be ready to rock when the Oculus Touch controls released. Nope. Headliners go on stage when they’re damn well good and ready.

Harmonix has just revealed that Rock Band VR will release on March 23. It comes with 60 songs, three of which are Aerosmith’s “Walk this Way,” The Killers’ “When You Were Young,” and Paramore’s “Ain’t it Fun.” There will surely be a blitz over the coming month and a half to reveal the remaining 57 tracks.

While no price has yet been revealed, Harmonix does have a bundle that’s available for pre-order for $70. However, that package comes with a guitar which surely inflates the price. Because Rock Band 4 never made it to PC, anyone without a console version will need the guitar; the details on the pre-order page confirm that it’s the Xbox One ax.

Rock Band VR has changed tremendously in the past year. It’s now an experience-oriented game that puts emphasis on doing things that a real band might do. It’s not the normal Rock Band shtick of playing all the notes perfectly. It’s more akin to Rock Band 4‘s freestyle solos, but it’s not quite that either. There’s also a traditional mode in Rock Band VR, but that’s not the priority here. The priority is getting you to feel like a rock star even if you don’t have the skill to be one.

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