Rock Band Unplugged ships, still street dated for June 9

Color us confused when this morning, Harmonix and MTV Game shot out a press release this morning saying that Rock Band Unplugged had shipped to stores this week. Previously, we had been told that the PlayStation Portable exclusive title would be in stores on June 9.

Our first reaction: “Those are some slow ass trucks you’re shipping those things on, dude.” Then we contacted Harmonix, who clarified that the game would be available on June 9. A follow up call to our local GameStop confirmed that the game is street dated for June 9, along with the PSP bundle that will be available the same day. 

What that means to you is that most reputable retailers, GameStop included, will be holding on to their games and bundles until June 9. That’s a little over two weeks from today. But if you have little mom and pop game stores in your area less concerned with street dates and more concerned with getting your dollar, you might want to keep your eyes peeled. 

Our full Rock Band Unplugged review will hit this week. Keep your pants on.

Nick Chester