Rock Band coming to the Wii and Europe

EA has revealed during their quarterly earnings call that Rock Band will be be coming out on the Wii. No info yet on the price, release date, DLC content or how this will incorporate motion. Rock Band will also be invading European shores later this year on all the major consoles.

I’ve always loved how Europe is like the younger sibling in this videogame family relationship. Daddy always gives his favorite child, America, everything first. Europe, did you know that daddy told me you were an accident. Yeah, it’s true. He told me last night when he took me out for ice cream. Oh, you didn’t know we went out for ice cream last night? Oops, I meant daddy told me that when he took me to the “dentist” last night. 

Also, is anyone else curious how EA would incorporate the Wiimote (if they do at all)? I’m thinking giant drumsticks that attach to the Wiimote and Nunchuk. That would be the bee’s knees. Hey, there are worse ideas out there.

Hamza Aziz