Robin joins in on Lucina’s recent amiibo restock

Call your GameStop, or not, I’m not your Dad

A few months ago, the ultra-rare Lucina amiibo got a restock, and people who weren’t previously able to locate the figure were finally allowed to unlock her in Code Name Steam and Fire Emblem Awakening. Wait, no one else cares about amiibo anymore? Guys, hello? Well too bad, you’re going to still get these updates.

For the few of you that still collect these things, Robin is also getting a restock it seems at various Gamestops across the US. So if you’re missing him, give your local store a call and see if he’s available.

As a note, Robin was released on May 29, 2015, so it’s taken over a year for him to get a restock. This is probably why amiibo activity is a collective ghost town these days, but Nintendo is still selling gangbuster amiibo cards, so expect this brand to go on for a while longer.

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