Roaches. Why did it have to be roaches?

We already know we like Japanese publisher D3, but our love would overflow if the Simple 2000 series of games would be released outside Japan. Simple2000 series Vol. 113, also known as The Mass Hell, gives you everything you could want in a budget title: talking rabbits, cell phone theft, flying eyeballs, and an asston of nasty things. There has to be a fetish site out there for this stuff.

In order to prepare for the Feburary 22nd launch, D3 gives us a new Web site with what has to be the best flash intro for a game release yet. Be sure to poke around: the fourth link down has examples of the freaky things that players will be fending off. Click each one to see a picture — the grab-assey hand definitely takes the cake.

[D3’s page]

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