Rise of the Triad coming to iPhone

Rise of the Triad is one of those games that time forgot. Overshadowed by its predecessors, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, it never really grew into household name that those two classic shooters did despite being developed by Apogee Software as a sequel of sorts to Wolfenstein 3D itself and containing a lot of features that many games of that time lacked. Hell, FPSs with multiple characters that each feature different attributes are still lacking in this day and age and Rise of the Triad did it really well almost 15 years ago. 

The game does have a solid following though, and that following has ported the game all over the place. The latest platform will be the iPhone. With its point at enemies and then kill them gameplay, the game should be a very solid fit for the platform and developers Mobila Interactive have put up a video of their very early build of the game that you can check out below. If you haven’t had a chance to play Rise of the Triad this might be a good way to dig into it… or you could just download it to your computer for a very low price. 

[Thanks, Anthony M.]

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