Rise of the Arse n’ Norks: When games and lad mags unite

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I can’t even comprehend how or why this happened, but apparently, Codemasters and Front magazine decided to team up and create some sexy wallpapers that are vaguely related to upcoming action RPG Rise of the Argonauts.

Essentially, nudey tart Alex Sim-Wise gets her norks out and pretends she can shoot fire, before her arse appears in a photoshopped Rise of the Argonauts scene. It’s pretty surreal and not very safe for work, so don’t go hitting up these pictures if you have a boss or a wife looking over your shoulder. Unless she’s a saucy wife that gets off on these things. Phwoar. 

I don’t know quite how this happened, but I’m kind of glad it did.

Codemasters and FRONT Magazine team up for stunning new Rise Of The Argonauts imagery, featuring Alex Sim-Wise, former Cyber Girl of the Year

Tuesday 30th September/…

Codemasters, a leading publisher of videogames, has blurred the line between fantastic videogaming and fantasy girls, with a stunning new collaboration with FRONT Magazine and its resident siren Alex Sim-Wise.

Rise of the Argonauts is the forthcoming action role-playing game developed by Liquid Entertainment. The game features all the greatest heroes from Greek mythology – though FRONT magazine has taken this even further by introducing MySpace’s favourite female as a new virtual heroine.

In a special six-page feature published in this month’s FRONT magazine (out today), Alex Sim-Wise is transformed into a real “God of Phwoar” – bestowed with the ability to cast fire from her hands at the flick of a wrist. She’s seen squaring up to mythological enemies, including the mighty Medusa, ready to blast them with her heat-inducing powers, whilst enveloped in a blanket of flames.

To commemorate this collaboration, Codemasters and FRONT have released three official wallpapers of this momentous photoshoot. Available from http://community.rise-of-the-argonauts.co.uk/, they are best viewed on a large screen with the lights down low.

“The shoot was super rad,” says Alex Sim-Wise. “I’m massive gaming geek – so taking down the incredible bosses from Rise of the Argonauts was definitely my cup of tea. The results of the shoot are incredible. So much so I’ve been jumping around since, casting flames from my hands. Although, I did accidentally set light to a small cat.”

Rise of the Argonauts is coming this autumn for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. For more information and to watch gameplay videos, please visit www.rise-of-the-argonauts.co.uk

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