RiffTrax: The Game lets players riff through movies in May

RiffTrax the game

Create your own Mystery Science Theater snark-along

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A new game for those who’ve hosted a Bad Movie Night or two is coming in a few months. The professional movie hecklers at RiffTrax are launching their own game with What the Dub?! studio Wide Right Interactive on May 5, 2022.

RiffTrax: The Game will feel pretty familiar to those who like to talk back to their movies. If you’re unfamiliar, RiffTrax—and its spiritual predecessor Mystery Science Theater 3000—featured low-budget films that actors would talk over, making jokes about the events on-screen.

This RiffTrax game looks to be using a similar set-up, where players can inject their own snark into the spaces of bad cinema. Wide Right created a similar set-up with What the Dub?!, a party game where players dubbed in new lines for movies. The RiffTrax game is using some similar tech, with a few new twists.

Players can either write their own riffs, or pick from a selected bunch of riffs written by the RiffTrax team. Judging by the trailer, these riffs appear to be voiced by the RiffTrax folks, so that’s a neat little addition. There are going to be over 250 movie clips, including some classics like Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Wide Right Interactive confirms there will be cross play and remote games, as well as Twitch chat integration. RiffTrax: The Game also uses a Jackbox style controller setup, where any internet-connected device can access and play along. So yes, riff away on your phone, tablet, or whatever else can make it through to the world wide web.

As someone practically raised on MST3K, this one will probably be a sure lock for some future parties. We’ll see whose snark is up to snuff on May 5, when RiffTrax: The Game arrives on Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Those last two platforms are also forward compatible with next-gen consoles.

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