Ride a dune buggy in Far Cry 4’s ‘Overrun’ DLC

Or just keep on riding on elephants, that’s cool too

Already tired of everything Far Cry 4 has to offer? You’re in luck, because Overrun, the latest batch of content for Far Cry 4, is available today.

This is a more multiplayer-focused endeavor, with a brand new PvP mode in which two factions (the Rakshasa and Golden Path) compete to score points across two rounds by controlling zones that are active at a specific time. Basically, if you’re interested because of the name or the fact that you get a dune buggy, keep all that in mind if you’re more of a “fly solo” person. 

Additionally, there are four new maps included. You can pick up the DLC on PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. If you’ve been itching to match up against other players rather than sad little AI dudes, now’s your chance!

Jason Faulkner