Rhythm Tengoku delights! retrospective soundtrack announced

You should be playing Rhythm Tengoku Gold (and yes, I know it’s not out here in its North American incarnation, what I mean is you should have imported it and played the f*ck out of it already), and if you are, you know that the music is not only wonderful but also highly, highly addictive.

What great news, then, is word of Rhythm Tengoku Zenkyokushu,the newly announced soundtrack not only for Rhythm Tengoku Gold, but also containing the soundtrack to the original GBA game, which is unbearably hard to find on its own. In addition, the booklet will contain an interview with Tsunku, the game’s music producer, talking about the creation of the cult hit.

The CD will be released in Japan on October 15th and will retail for 5,250 Yen, which is about $49 US. Even though I already own the original Rhythm Tengoku soundtrack, I’m totally going to import this as soon as it goes on sale. 120 tracks of pure deliciousness for fifty bucks is a steal as far as I’m concerned.

[Via Wired — Thanks, Guagloves]

Colette Bennett