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Lo-fi horror game Rewind or Die is done asking nicely April 14

What kind of monster doesn’t rewind?

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Puppet Combo’s publishing label, Torture Star Video, has announced they’ll be releasing Comp-3 Interactive’s game, Rewind or Die, on April 14, 2023.

This seems like something I need to play. Rewind or Die has you playing as a video rental store worker who finds themselves stalked by a slasher. You’ll work your shift on your own as your co-workers flaked out on you. However, as a slave to an uncaring society, you just need to keep your head down while receiving threatening phone calls.

I think this is exactly my favorite kind of horror game. The core experience of Stay Out of the House was fantastic, but one of its highlights was its prologue, where you work a gas station night shift, just waiting for the shoe to drop. I also commonly thump the drum of Happy’s Humble Burger Farm, where you serve customers at a fast food joint. Casting the player in a relatable experience is just such a great way to draw them into the game world. Plus, like anyone who grew up in the ‘90s, I have a lot of love for video rental places.

Rewind or Die will launch on April 14 on PC. If you’d like a taste of Comp-3 Interactive’s previous work, you can find them on

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