RetroforceGO!: Surprise episode! Listen to Chad and Dyson fight about Metroid

Remember in Rocky, when Rocky gets all beat down, and then he trains really hard, and comes back in the end of the movie to try and whip some ass? And in the big match at the end, where the it looks like he’s not gonna win and you’re like, “Oh noes!”, but Rock powers through the match and wins?*

This bonus episode of RFGO! is just like that. Chad and I fight like men possessed over our previously discussed points of view about whether or not we think that Metroid Prime 3 is a true Metroid game.


  • Chad and I fight
  • Topher’s there, too 
  • Chad still loves dolphins
  • Prime fans will continue to hate me
  • I still think that you’re all delusional
  • We all make out at the end

We’ll still be recording our weekly show tomorrow, so consider this show an extension of last Tuesday’s. Listen here.

*[I’ve never actually watched a Rocky movie, but I’m pretty sure that this happens in at least one of them.]