RetroforceGO! records episode 85 tonight: Listener questions

It’s that time again. The day has come when you, the listener, decide what this week’s show is about. Not because we relinquish control, but because we agree to spend the entire episode discussing nothing but your questions. It’s something we subject ourselves to every ten episodes, and to be quite honest …

These are totally our favorite episodes to do. Seriously, we love it. We hope you enjoy it a little too, and would appreciate if you hit the jump and fill the comments with stuf for us to talk about. Anything goes, folks. We’ll sift through and pick up all the shiny gems that catch our eye, and put them together to make a royal crown of a show for you … and now that I’ve said Royal Crown it makes me think about booze. We’ll probably bring some of that into it as well. 

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