RetroforceGO! records episode 61 tonight: Beat ’em ups

Geez, it’s about time. Due to popular demand, (but mostly because we just now happened to get around to it), this week’s episode of RetroforceGO! focuses on beat ’em ups. River City Ransom, Double Dragon, X-Men, and plenty of other titles that revolve around roaming the streets and pounding the ever-loving sh*t out of anyone unfortunate enough to be out and about at the same time as you.

We’re big fans of this nigh-forgotten genre, and we know lots of you share the same love for haphazard asskicking. We’ll be talking about some of our favorites, including the game you see pictured above, which is something you should most definitely know about if you don’t already — especially if you’ve been enjoying Castle Crashers over the past few weeks. Hit the comments and tell us your own favorites!

Topher Cantler