RetroforceGO! Recording episode #17 tonight: Classic multiplayer games

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You kids and your doodads. Bluetooth. Steam. Gametap. Xbox Live. Back in our day, if you wanted to play with three other people, you had to facilitate a disgusting orgy of cords and multi-tap peripherals all over the living room, which usually led to the dog sniffing around curiously and getting tangled up in the whole monstrosity like a bad guy in a Spider-Man cartoon. Either that, or you’d have to look for the “big” cabinet at your local arcade, where you had no control over who your opponents were, but could damn sure bet they were either unwashed or light years beyond your skill level.

Remember putting a quarter on the cabinet to claim “I got next?” Remember when your buddies would come over and bogart the cheetos? What were you playing? Tonight we take a look back at all the fun we had when we had to go at it in the same room, where the modern-day trash talk and cheap glitch abuse might have gotten you teabagged for real. Hit the comments and tell us about your favorite multiplayer memories. 

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