RetroforceGO! episode 60: Rhythm games (Retro Limbo #1)

Happy Friday, listeners! As the first of our new Retro Limbo series, we’re pleased to present to you our rhythm game episode. Chad was busy being famous, but the rest of us were on hand to talk about some of our favorite not-so-retro button-matching music games. Highlights!

  • Bubble Man music FTW
  • Summer is definitely over 
  • Fork, knife, it’s all in the mind
  • You should import DJ Max Portable
  • Hey guyth, thith ith Paul Thtanley
  • Sota Fujimori beats Britney Spears any day
  • Linda Lindaaaa!!
  • Topher <3’s Mizuguchi. A lot.
  • Awesome outtro by coffeesash

Also, we forgot to mention it on the show, but Scary Womanizing Pig Mask is this week’s winner. Please contact us at retroforce -at- to claim your fruit basket. Check out the new episode right here, and we’ll be back next week with something especially awesome to talk about!

Topher Cantler