RetroforceGO! Episode 35: Anything but the Super Bowl

Seriously, why do they capitalize the word Super Bowl? I mean, if it’s going to be a psuedo national holiday, then I at least want the following Monday off from work. And by the following Monday, I mean right now: today. Oh well, I guess I won’t get to lay around all day and be lazy (much unlike my two roommates who both called in sick today – bastards), but at least I get they joy of sharing with you the brand new RFGO!, right?


  • Intro courtesy of Torzelan
  • Draaaaaaaaaaaainage!
  • Puppy Bowl is teh cuteness
  • Chess: Checkmate for suckage
  • But there was Rez, BEST WEEK EVAR!! 🙂
  • Questions begin
  • “32nd secret flavor”
  • Learn how to get un-friended by Topher
  • Yes, Chad’s evil voice surfaces
  • Become the otter
  • What’s a continue?

Woo-hoo! That was quite a few awesome highlights. I know they’ll only make sense once you listen to the show, so you should go ahead and do that right here. And, by the way, we really weren’t kidding about the Beats of Rage mod that we want for RFGO! So if you or anyone you know can mod the Beats of Rage game with all the cast members of the show — and make it awesome — that person will win each and every game that Reverend Anthony has ever covered in his “Games Time Forgot” articles.  That’s well over fifty different games, folks. Get cracking!

(Last but not least, we forgot to mention it in the show, but Lord Sartorious needs to get a hold of us on the retro phone. It seems that he won a contest!)