RetroforceGO!: Episode 16: The fine art of importing

So here we are back again for another Monday episode of RetroforceGO!, Destructoid’s number one retro podcast. (And we’re gunning for the number one spot on the site, too. So watch your back Linde … /maniacal laughter!)  Sadly, our ambassador from Chadlantis couldn’t be with us this episode to discuss the import gaming market, but I think that the special guest we have tonight will more than make up for it.


  •  Happy birthday Chizzo!
  • Niero joins us in his bucket
  • 400 Microsoft points equals 1.5 RED DRANK
  • (Hey Dyson, it’s episode 16!)
  • Awesome … Awesome … China Warrior
  • Punk rock is like gaming?
  • Victor Ireland is a god amongst men
  • Crazy contest announcement

So sit back and relax, turn on your iTunes, and let RFGO! take you away to the wonderful world of dolphin love (or retro games, same difference). Check us out on our podcast page which, I believe, is located right here, and enjoy!