RetroforceGO!: Episode 13: PAX 2007: Unpleasant Burrito Experiences

Aaaaaaaaaaaand welcome, to another hastily written post. The reason for my lack of time, this time, is the fact that last weekend was PAX. Not one to be outdone by silly things like work or poverty, I decided that there was no way Dyson was going to miss this event.

So last Friday at midnight, after going through several cocktails and four hundred dollars, I had found myself in possession of a plane ticket to Seattle and a good buzz. Early Saturday morning found me in desperate need of sleep and aspirin, but also on my way to meet my fellow Dtoiders at Gabe and Tycho’s little nerd soiree. 


  • Official BEST WEEK EVAR!! 🙂 :), for real
  • Rev is online deficient
  • And rants about masturbation?
  • Wii Geometry War = Epic Fail
  • Cookies!

So make sure to listen up, folks. There was so much going on this week that we couldn’t even fit it into one podcast. But what we did manage to cram in was full of win and awesome, so check it out here.

Also, special thanks to Nathan at Pink Godzilla, and Perry of Messiah Entertainment.  Thanks for everything, you guys were awesome!